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Spray Foam Insulation Products and Applications

Spray Foam for Residential Applications

According to the Air Barrier Association of America, a "typical 2,500-square-foot home has more than a half mile of cracks and crevices.” Unsealed, about a third of the air leakage in a home occurs through the floors, walls and ceilings. Air flows most readily through gaps in drywall and sheathing, such as those created during installation of doors, windows and rim and framing joists, as well as wall perforations around electrical outlets and plumbing. Conventional insulation systems such as fiberglass batt require separate air barriers or additional sealing to perform at labeled R-values in real walls, allowing for an additional margin for error in insulation installation and performance. Using ccSPF, however, reduces air leakage, in addition to providing insulation.


Energy Seal® Spray Foam insulation systems are eco-friendly using renewable energy sources, such as caster, nuts, soy beans, sugar cane, sugar beets, and corn. Using our products in your home will help reduce the emissions of greenhouse gasses into the environment such as carbon dioxide and methane.


Closed cell foam adds significant structural strength to any home to which it is applied. In many tests conducted, the closed cell foam doubles the racking load making your home more resistant to severe weather conditions. Closed cell foam will not sag, settle, or lose its R-Value like loose fill and fiberglass insulation.


Energy Seal® Spray Foam proprietary formulas contain no HCFCs, VOCs, or formaldehyde; making Energy Seal® insulation systems free of toxic air contaminants. Foametix® will not settle or decay, and there is no off gassing over time. Foametix® systems are environmentally sound, so breathe easier, Energy Seal® Spray Foam has got you covered.

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Spray Foam Insulation

Spray Foam for Commercial & Industrial Applications

According to the Department of Energy, in 2005, commercial buildings accounted for approximately 18 percent of total energy use in the United States and 35 percent of total electricity consumption. More than 60 percent of commercial-building energy use is attributable to losses through walls, foundations and roofs due to air infiltration or exfiltration. Energy costs account for approximately 30 percent of a building's total operating costs. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the savings potential from the proper design and installation of energy-efficient upgrades is more than 35 percent - for example, approximately $25,000 for every 50,000 square feet of office space.

Polyurethane spray foam roof systems that use Honeywell's Enovate blowing agent can save building owners both time and money. Spray foam roof systems are backed by manufacturer warranties for periods of 5, 10, 15, or 20 years. Renewable warranties that extend beyond those listed above are available based on re-inspection and regular service and maintenance to the system as outlined by the roof system manufacturer.

Polyurethane spray foam has the highest R-value per inch of any roof insulation system, reducing both heating and cooling costs. Spray foam roofs also eliminate thermal transfer in and out of the building at insulation joints and mechanical fasteners. This can add up to 16-23% in energy efficiency over other board insulation products. And because it has a highly reflective white surface, it provides superior reflectivity and emissivity properties.

Interior Insulating Foams
0.5 lb Open-Cell Foam Insulation
1 .8 lb (245fa) Closed Cell Foam Insulation

7000 Fast-Set Polyurea
7100 100% Pure Fast-Set Polyurea

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Spray Foam Insulation

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